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Thus, Fiorello and Sons brought to UFIP the technique of rotocasting, which is a UFIP trademark today.

According to Pinksterboer, Fiorello Zanchi died in the 80s and his sons, Mariano and Roni, continued the company.

Their signature stamp reads: "F & F Zanchi, Made in Italy".

"F & F" stands for "Fiorello e Figli" (Fiorello and Sons).

(zil is Turkish for "cymbal," ci means "maker", and ian is the Armenian suffix meaning "son of"), and in 1623 granted him permission to leave the palace to start his own business in a suburb of Constantinople named Psamatia.

Zildjian's shop manufactured cymbals for the mehter, Ottoman military bands consisting of wind and percussion instruments, which belonged to the Janissaries.

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The varying quality of these remaining cymbals may well be why they remain relatively obscure.

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