Yahoo news ticker not updating

Most noticeably, the tabbed navigation is mind-numbing slow.

The old version gave you lightening-speed navigation, via a sidebar.

One is left with the feeling that a bunch of people sat around a board room and had a single-minded thought: “We get a lot of hits on this page, let’s monetize this crap! ” I’m not the only one who thinks that the new Yahoo Finance really sucks.

If they wait too long, though, someone else will fill in the gap. What I’m wondering is who is watching this widening gap and waiting to step in to take advantage of it.

Whether investing independently or keeping abreast of business news, Yahoo!

Unfortunately, this list has had a cosmetic overhaul that is similar to celebrity cosmetic surgeries gone bad.

It’s now brutal on the eyes and hard to read quickly—and speed is the day trader’s key tool.

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