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Strong Encryption – a VPN provider that offers strong encryption software means that you will be using a VPN that is able to protect your identity.No log policy – VPN providers have been known to give customer data to authorities when asked.That being said, there are Saudi-enforced blocks on some VPN provider sites and the law is a great deal more harsh against those that are watching censored content.The government is not pleased when its citizens use a VPN to find sites they have otherwise blocked.An interesting feature of this system is that citizens are encouraged to actively report “immoral” sites (mostly adult and pornographic) for blocking, using a provided web form, available on the government’s website.” Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Censorship_in_Saudi_Arabia Other interesting articles: https:// https://opennet.net/studies/saudi If you have more details, please let us know, we will be more then happy to improve our content, you can contact me at [email protected] media sites like Yahoo messenger and Skype are blocked in Saudi Arabia.They’re a particularly good idea to avoid if you searching for illicit content.Instead, by choosing one of our recommendations, you’ll be able to access any content you want, in peace.

It is therefore important to use a VPN with caution if you are using it with the intention of bypassing blocks.

For instance, the following sites and apps are blocked or heavily monitored: If you want to access these websites, or any of the above content (xxx or not), VPNs are a method of viewing content that is otherwise blocked.

Before buying a VPN subscription so that you can access content that is blocked in Saudi Arabia, it is important to understand the legality surrounding the use of a VPN.

Censorship in Saudi Arabia is strict for several reasons.

The best VPNs in Saudi are the ones that offer continuous service so that your connection to a server elsewhere in the world does not drop in and out, thus exposing your identity.

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