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More than 500,000 biker men and biker women who joined on 'Dating Biker' from year 2001 to 2012 were followed up for 11 years.Through the mathematical statistic analysis of demographics data for the United States, we got the following biker population statistics you may be interested in.The average ratio of all social sites was 47% male, 53% female.Then, how about the ratio between biker men and women on a biker dating network?

is placed on a US server with IP: 2.55 gets 187.32 page visits per month from search engines via organic keywords.On the other hand, biker women think biker men around 38 are at the best age to marry, and 15 percent consider those at 42 attractive.The statistics also shows many educated biker women are now childlesd.One in ten biker women now aged 50 does not have children.And one out of five biker women in their 30s and 40s is without children. The trend was found to be dominant in the under 40s, the proportion of biker women without chrildren, has grown two-fold during the recent 3 years.

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