Women dating blue collar men

Kass also explained to me that it was therefore no surprise that the first hands-free pumping system was, in fact, designed by an emergency room doctor!And of course, two weeks ago, we all got a glimpse into what life might be like for female pilots who have to contend with the logistical nightmare of scheduling a time and place to pump that is not an airplane or airport bathroom stall.A woman's job circumstances -- as well as her specific employer’s policies and culture -- create a wide variety of experiences.While one might assume there is a large class divide, the truth seems to be that women really seem to be in the same (or quite similar) boat, together."We all hold assumptions about what certain jobs are like.What can one conclude then, about the plight of blue-collar versus white-collar women?

However, a surprising 33% of white-collar women also said they didn't have a clean, decent place to pump.

One thing that reading thousands of women's jobs reviews at Fairygodboss has done is change some of my ideas about certain roles and employers.

You may think you understand what life is like as a marketing manager or barista.

We thought the topic was interesting enough to commission a survey to understand the differences between blue-collar vs. As a proxy for the two groups, we assumed that blue-collared workers were largely hourly workers and white-collared workers were predominantly salaried.

  To be sure, there are white-collar professionals that may be paid on an hourly basis (e.g.

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