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A lot of Albanian patients have been treated in the Italian hospitals due to Reitan’s mediation skills. This is why he passes a long time in Albania with the Cham historian Ibrahim D. Reitan is so in love with the Cham issue, One of his projects is Albanian universities twinning with Western European ones.He is paying special attention to green energy projects in the Albanian territory.Ball busting cams here No matter what type of sub you are whether it be a financial domination session to a masturbation control and chat session, you can be assured of meeting hardcore Mistresses from all over the world waiting to push every boundary you have, to test your hard limits and issue all types of jerk off instructions, cum eating instructions, kinky power exchange .

Reitan has been adviser to some well known political personalities such as ministers, prime ministers and presidents.He has been mostly engaged in African countries and the Balkans.He has been a collaborator of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Vice President, advising him on different projects.Recently, he has intensified his diplomatic activity in Albania.He has set up good relations with Albanian Ministry of Health officials.

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