Wireless stuck in validating identity

The carriers don't face any major rules preventing them from misusing their customers' Web-browsing and app-usage data.

Last year, the mobile carriers and other Internet providers convinced Congress and President Trump to prevent implementation of rules that would have forced them to get customers' opt-in consent before using, sharing, or selling their browsing and app-usage histories for advertising purposes.

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint aren't exactly the tech industry's best protectors of security and privacy.

The four major carriers were recently caught leaking the real-time location of most US cell phones. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), the carriers agreed to stop selling their mobile customers' location information to third-party data brokers.

The eduroam network is is available at both campuses The eduroam network is secure— data sent from your laptop or phone is encrypted.

Depending on what operating system your device uses it might require more work to set up the connection, but after that you should connect to Eduroam automatically whenever you’re on campus.

AT&T VP Johannes Jaskolski, who is managing the carriers' Project Verify consortium, told Krebs that the system will not centralize subscriber data into a multi-carrier database.

"We're not going to be aggregating and centralizing this subscriber data, which will remain with each carrier separately," Jaskolski said.

"And then when they face a login screen on their favorite sites and apps, they select the verify option.The Project Verify app would let them manage which sites and apps are linked to their mobile identity.But do you want your carrier managing your logins across the websites and apps you use on your phone?That's it—Project Verify does the rest." The carriers hope to launch Verify next year.The carrier system would verify each person's identity with "a multi-factor profile based around the user's personal mobile device," taking into account the user's phone number, account tenure, IP address, phone account type, and SIM card details.

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