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Yet his unhappy stint as University Organist back at Oxford could hardly compare with the depravities of London night clubs where, from the piano stool, he could survey the antics of 'grown' men and women.

Little wonder, then, that he should one day enjoy writing humorous, highly individual paperbacks, and to hell with it all.

His first novel, The Guv'nor', was published by Regency Press in London.

There followed 'The House of Baghdad' and 'Lie Back & Think of England', both published by Author House, USA.

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Then came 'NOW OR NEVER', also published by Author House and a sequel to 'The Guv'nor', involving not only Prince Charles but also President Barack Obama, Lewis Hamilton and Osama Bin Laden, a book perhaps to really set the cat amongst those proverbial pigeons.

But then, Anthony Sharp is hardly an author for readers seeking a non-challenging comfort zone.

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