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You almost are so mad at you that it's like, "I want you to leave me because I'm so pathetic and worthless.

I love you too much for you to be stuck with me." It's almost like looking into Angela's eyes is a mirror to him of how he's not the man he wants to be for her.

It's the one thing that she wants that he now can't provide her, and I think that makes him feel like he's incapable and quite literally incompetent at being able to provide her the one thing she wants. And it sounds like the tension in the relationship leads Angela to turn toward Sebastian. Thyne: I think we've maybe all been there in life at times when someone you care about is going through a something .

boss on how the midseason finale changes everything But is Hodgins' sad diagnosis permanent?"Angela's going to need a shoulder to lean on," Peterson says."We'll play with some tensions that perhaps she's relying on Sebastian a bit too much. She has this wonderful life with Hodgins and she's very happy, but there is this alternative life of adventure and being an artist and traveling all over the world, and he represents that.So, I think the fans will feel what she's feeling, which is, "What am I to do? He won't look at me." Is Hodgins aware that he's pushing her away or is he just too lost in his anger?Thyne: There are moments in life where you're so upset with yourself that it's almost the other person that you're pushing them away.

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"You can't say never, but as far as we're concerned, he's going to be wheelchair-bound," executive producer Michael Peterson tells TVGuide.com, adding that Hodgins will be put through the wringer as he comes to grips with his situation. There's all these different stages of dealing with a tragedy — you go through anger, you go through denial — and he's really going to hit every single one of them.

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