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The two have been rumoured to be dating since late 2017, but this marks the first photo of the pair posted by the “Stitches” singer-songwriter.

RELATED: Shawn Mendes Insists Charlie Puth Is The Only One Sending Gym Selfies A slew of celebrities seemingly gave their seal of approval by liking the photo, including Paris Jackson, Kelly Osbourne, Calvin Harris, Rita Ora, Zedd, and of course, Baldwin herself.

I mean, people knew we were together from 17 years old on and at 23 years old, it’s none of their business if we are together or we’re not together.

So we would fly together, ride together, sometime share a hotel room, and most of the time not, so it’s like I said, sometimes we’d be at different hotels, and fly home together.

This is from his past, from my past, that had nothing to do with his wife.

Lipstick was his fetish and that’s what I wrote about.” Sunny continued, “it was kind of funny too because he likes to smear it all over your face and the problem with red lipstick is that it stains, so, like, my entire face would be stained red for the rest of the day. Shawn was a horndog, like, he instructed me to wear short skirts with no underwear underneath, so it would be easy access.” Sunny added, “this would happen like four times during the day at the arena and then back at the hotel at night. Seriously, he was like an 18 year old kid in high school.

So he’d go to one of those or he’d go stay at his dad’s for a little while. And him mom and I picked out the colors for the cabinets, the countertops, the tile, the carpeting, everything for the house.

Moments after I plated breakfast Shawn walked into the kitchen, he smiled and walked over.

"Well good morning" He kissed my cheek as he sat down.

Like, we weren’t even living together during that time.” On Shawn Wanting Her to Move In With Him: “He was building a brand new house in San Antonio [Texas]. I helped design his house and right as the house is getting finished, Shawn asked me to move in with him.

And I was like, ‘whoa, okay, this is where it’s going to get serious now.’ So it came down to me thinking, ‘okay, I can move to Texas with Shawn and either a) have a great life or have that end really badly.

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