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Limbaugh’s program in droves today, including companies who had sponsored it for years, like the online dating site Nazi

" We're asking ourselves this and we're waiting for elections to kind of tell us.

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The biggest political news in recent days has been Donald Trump’s abysmal performance in the polls.

In 2012, many in the conservative media were convinced right up until election day that Americans would choose Mitt Romney rather than reelect Obama, never mind the polls. Given how divided the right is about Trump, many conservative sites can’t help but be forums for debate. And for conservatives who’ve been blind to Limbaugh’s flaws but see Trump’s clearly, the program is instructive too.

As Jonathan Chait points out, even some prominent apologists for the Palin phenomenon have come out swinging against candidate Trump. Here’s the talk-radio host on Trump’s poll numbers: We had two stories about the Trumpster yesterday. This is a big deal, too, if this is correct, because this may... We all ask ourselves, "Are those of us who think the way we do in the minority?

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