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Pros ‘Online dating is a quicker way for younger people like us to interact’- AJ (Law student) ‘Easier for people who may be anxious or not the type to go out’- A (Psychology student).

Access A common theme was that online dating was a more efficient way of getting to know people.

Disclaimer: 4 in 5 profiles feature dogs and/or naked torsos.

At the same time individuals should be careful to exchange it for reality itself.

Perhaps the last remnants of life pre-internet are real human interactions, created by real conversations.

This means a greater chance of compatibility and subsequent partnerships.

In addition, apps can be used for platonic purposes for those who are just looking to get in touch with new people.

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Chocolates, jewellery and cute dates, with valentine’s day just around the corner ‘Tis the season for love.

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