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And when she’s not in school, Daria is ensconced within the padded walls of her bedroom, venturing out only occasionally to interact with her mostly clueless parents, Helen and Jake.This is how things were when “Daria” began, but over the course of the series’ five seasons, however, the characters evolved considerably.This time period produced a slew of memorable programs, many of which were cartoons aimed at adults.The animation renaissance truly began with ” first stole our hearts in a series rife with social satire, snappy dialogue and lovable characters.

Here are 15 Things You Didn’t Know About needed both a smart teenaged character and a female character, so the on-air promo department decided to merge these ideas and Daria was born. For starters, the network used to actually play music!Although the M in Music Television has become increasingly obsolete, there was a sweet spot between when MTV began creating their own content and when they realized how much more lucrative it would be to do only that.Also included in the set are the two post-series movies (“Is It Fall Yet? ”), along with the original pilot episode, “Sealed with a Kiss” (it’s really more of an animatic, but it still shows you how the show evolved before it actually made it to air), Daria and Jane’s intros from a long-forgotten countdown of the top 10 greatest animated videos, the video for Mystik Spiral’s immortal “Freakin’ Friends,” and interviews with the cast and crew.For my money, though, the most intriguing inclusion is the heretofore-unseen script for a proposed Mystik Spiral spin-off.

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When seen through Daria’s sardonic eyes, we’re presented with the ridiculousness of them, but the show often surprises with sentimentality, reminding us that some of the things that we might want to mock now may later provide fond memories.

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