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“When you meet somebody and they have this instant chemistry or connection with you, it’s almost like they’re telling you it’s love at first sight," explains Bizzoco."They are adoring you, sending you affectionate text messages, they constantly want to see you, they may even shower you with presents …Meanwhile, a true “ghost” will completely disappear from your life, and then weeks or months later, they reappear with a random text.“If you haven’t been contacted for a week or more, then you’ve been ghosted and you really should cut him or her off.”Micro-cheating basically constitutes of small acts that result in having an emotional attraction to someone else, all while keeping it a secret from a partner.You’re doing things you wouldn’t normally do,” she adds. “This is what happens when you’ve gone on several dates with someone, you’ve become really attracted to them, and while they continue to text or contact you, they’re not asking you out again,” says Bizzoco.“Just like a sports team puts the guy on the bench, we put our date on reserve almost like a backup option.” The reason people continue to “bench” is because they don’t really want to let you go, yet they want to see what else is out there.“I used to call it 'cookie crumbles' — you like the taste of a cookie but you’re not getting the whole thing.

She has 11 years of experience helping singles stuck in frustrating dating patterns find internal security, heal their past, and create healthy, loving, and lasting partnerships.However, they’re not really asking you out on a date — or maybe they are, but plans are never set in stone, and often get canceled.In essence, they’re just leading you on, says Bizzoco.“When the warm weather starts coming back, all of a sudden they want to be free and single again, so they may end it with you, or ‘bench’ you while looking for more options.”When fishing, "catch and release" means catching a big fish and throwing it back in the water, hoping that if you keep fishing, you will catch another bigger, better one.“In dating, this is someone who likes the chase of attracting a partner, but when they finally catch them, they get bored and release them or end the relationship,” Bizzoco tells Fox News.

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