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In some cases that’s through public borrowing, and the levels of public debt and the global laws are quite astounding. And then we have this climate change where again we are cascading environmental debts.And I don’t think these things are remotely the same and in the last 3-4 years that has been part of my mission in life to try and help people in the sort of global C suite – business leaders, understand that fact.The way it was then trying to do that was by talking about eco-efficiency, making or saving money through pollution prevention or resource efficiency measures or whatever.And that was fine, and I think if you’re dealing with engineers then that’s a good way to go, to match the environmental dimension to all this put together.It’s great that you have done that and I would encourage you to push that framing of it.

At the time that seemed to be a slightly revolutionary agenda. We looked into getting intellectual property rights on it because we wanted to make sure no one else could.For me it is fundamentally about inter-generational equity.I think every way you look in today’s world, today’s generations are cascading debt to future generations.In Australia and New Zealand, it also took off and went right through every level of government.So that was the strategy, to just get it out there and see what happens.

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