Walkthrough for sprung the dating game nintendo ds not my type dating game in kansas city

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Check them out to find answers or ask your own to get the exact game help you need. How do you pass the bit where becky waitressing that .. Hey I'm stuck, I'm at the part were I'm playing Becky..

How do you get beckys pendandant I've tried everythin..

Note: This review is part of a series I am going to call “Resurrected Reviews”, essentially stuff that I wrote for previous (now deceased) blogs and review topics on various gaming forums over the years.

Sprung has you meeting, flirting and hooking up as you engage in a risque, daring adventure with sexy singles at Snowbird Mountain, a hip ski resort in Colorado.

Colleen Mc Guinnes of TV's North Shore scripted the stimulating storylines and sexy characters for the game. This is done by wooing multiple anime girls -- taking them out on dates, buying them presents, etc.

They simply was intended to be the Western response to the Japanese games however then the developers failed and I’m going to explain why.

To start with, the story is a load of stereotypical rubbish about a group of college friends going off to a ski resort to have a good time.

Some of the chapters are very long so not having to re-do the entire thing over due to an inevitable error should be a relief but in practice these checkpoints have a downright sinister side. Well, the cartoon-like character art is pretty good but otherwise…no!

You see, saying the wrong thing sometimes means that certain text selections don’t pop up further on in the chapter. a checkpoint means that you can return to that checkpoint as many times as you like but it will be impossible to correct said error and you will always be left with the same strand of dud responses post-checkpoint. The “gameplay” is about as inspiring as an empty void, the DS’ unique features are all wasted and the humour is as funny as a funeral on a rainy day.

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It may seem like I’ve barely described this game but that’s because there’s nothing to discuss.

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