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As the preferred model changed from Amati to Stainer, so the Amsterdam makers changed too.By about 1685, Hendrik Jacobs was putting more ‘Staineresque’ features in his violins and this style of work was continued by his stepson Pieter Rombouts after he took over his workshop.In 1681, the year that Jan Boumeester died, Gijsbert lived around the corner of the Warmoesstraat, less than a minute’s walk away from Boumeester’s workshop.There is no specific evidence but perhaps he worked for Boumeester?This has led me on a journey to make a discovery of a rare violin made by the relatively unknown maker, Gijsbert Verbeek.Amsterdam in 17th century During the 80 years from the end of the 16th century to around 1670, Amsterdam had grown into the trading capital of Northern Europe.We also know that Gijsbert was later married to a niece of Jacobs.The marriage certificate shows that he married Jaepie Willems, the daughter of Maritje Jacobs, Hendrik Jacobs sister, on 18th January 1669.

An auction advertisement from 1671 announces the sale of Cremonese violins and much Italian music.

With its population growing seven-fold to over 200,000, because of waves of immigrants arriving from Belgium, France, Portugal and Spain.

Trade expanded partly because of investments by wealthy immigrants.

Hubert de Launay takes us through his journey to research and identify a violin by Gijsbert Harmens Verbeek, a stepson of Hendrik Jacobs.

About five years ago, during my final year studying at West Dean College, we visited the Gemeentemuseum (GM) in the Hague, in Holland.

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