Vba subform recordsource not updating

Now whenever the record changes in the form, the subform should refresh itself.

In our example, the subform is called "order details".

This is done through the report’s Record Source property which can be a table or standalone query in the database or a SQL statement as shown in the screenshot below.

Usually, this is defined when the report is created and only gets changed if needed.

In this case, the Record Source property can be set using VBA code through the On Open event when the report is first opened.

This will automatically assign the query, table or SQL to the property and populate the report when it opens. THEN decision to find any existing Record Source setting before applying the new setting.

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If you are unable to find common fields between your form and subform, you can always place code on the "On Current" event of the form to refresh the subform. Scroll down until you find the property called "On Current".

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