Use of lisrel in validating marketing constructs

The results indicate that the strong predictors of the intention to use M-payment are perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness.

The statistical analysis method employed in this study is to apply Structural Equation Modeling to test all hypotheses. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 24(6), 424-442. A search conducted in June 2016 in the ONA database identified that 515 health institutions are accredited by the organization.Figure 1 shows the geographic location of the services accredited by ONA in Brazil.However, when the geographical distribution of these institutions is verified in the Brazilian map, it is possible to observe a great inequality, being most of them located in the southeast region.This scenario shows that despite the establishment of the Brazilian Model of Hospital Accreditation, even after a decade of the implementation, it has not yet reached all regions as it should, highlighting the state of São Paulo with 221 health services, corresponding to 42.5% of accredited organizations throughout the country.

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