Updating to 5 00 m33

Input your desired settings again and enjoy 5.00 M33 on your PSP.

You DO NOT need to update to 3.71 M33-4 or 4.01 M33-2 ( or some other ) and then this, you only need to update to this. If you would rather use a PSP with a Wi Fi connection, you can use the guide by Aguilz, which can be found here: You Will Need: • A Computer that you can browse files that are on a memory stick • An Internet Connection ( duh ) • win RAR or something that works like it...

The screen should blank out then flash green, showing that Chick HEN has loaded. If it just hangup and shutdown PSP then your got to retry until it automatically reboot your PSP.

It may take a few tries to work, in fact it took me 7 tries to get it to work.

I´m sure most of newcomers will be very thankfull It should work on now on 5.00 M33-3, DAX put the fix that sony made in 5.01 into 5.00 M33-2, so it should work in the newest version on M33-3, if it doesnt, it might be your connection?

You have successfully installed Custom Firmware (CFW) on your PSP.

PBP from PSP_Firmware_503 folder to the following directory on your memory card: /PSP/GAME/UPDATE/ (Create the directory if not available. Make sure you name folders in CAPS) Open the SLIM folder from Chick HENR2 and Copy folder Chick HEN to the memory stick under: /PSP/PHOTO/ Copy RECOVERY folder from Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher folder to the following directory on your PSP memory Stick: /PSP/GAME/ Now it’s time to unplug your PSP from the computer and load Chick HEN R2.

Make sure you name folders in CAPS) Now Press the O button of your PSP to disconnect it from USB. From your PSP, Go over to Photo Memory Stick and click on the FAT folder (if you have a Phat) or Chick HEN folder (if you have a Slim).

If you don't have a custom firmwared PSP, go here: ( that link will also show you how to unbrick your PSP.... So if your Phat PSP ( PSP-1000 ) is on 3.52 M33-4, you can update straight to this firmware.

)NOTE: You need a PSP that already has a M33 custom firmware or 1.50 Official Firmware, Other custom firmwares might work with this guide also, but im not sure...

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  1. Not as many the titanium build, but you really don’t need that many if you have all the best ones. This build has definitely grown on me but you can see why once you start using it.