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These systems, while using their own terminology, are still very similar to each other and to the one used in Debian.

For example, we can use either the As you can see, installing, uninstalling, and updating Linux apps from the command line isn't hard at all.

Believe it or not, it’s so simple that you can always run the tasks within a couple of minutes.Unlike proprietary operating systems, Ubuntu as well as any Linux like operating system come with free of change software updates privilege for every user.The standard Ubuntu releases are continuously supported for 9 months since the initial release date whereas Ubuntu LTS (long-term support) releases such us Ubuntu 18.04 are supported for duration of five years since the Initial release date ( 26.4.2018 ) for both the desktop and the server.A package management system is comprised of sets of tools and file formats that are used together to install, update, and uninstall Linux apps.The two most common package management systems are from Red Hat and Debian. Gentoo Linux uses a system called Portage, and Arch Linux uses nothing but tarballs (files).

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