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I’ll be using this approach throughout this article.You should also look at this detailed migration guide to get a feel for what steps might be needed.You can determine the amount of effort that might be required to migrate to Java 9 without even downloading or using it.There are several tools available in Java 8 that will give you appropriate hints. First, of course, you can look at any compiler warnings, because some of those will tell you about potential problems (see Figure 1).It says when I try to download that I need to use Internet Explorer 11 is this a good idea? I cant remember the last time I got a Java update to successfully update. I don't want to continue to see the pop up for Java update.

At the time of this writing, it is still an Early Access release and can be found here (in this article, I’m using build 9-ea 166).In Figure 1, you can see that the code has a field with a single underscore as a name.This single-underscore name has been removed as a legal identifier name in Java 9 as part of JDK Enhancement Proposal (JEP) 213.These problems can be fixed while you’re still running with an earlier version of Java (provided the suggested replacement classes are available in that version), and doing so will ease your transition to Java 9.This article is excerpted from the July/August 2017 issue of Trisha Gee is a Java Champion with expertise in Java high-performance systems.

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