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Therefore, the trade-off between the two made total revenue grow.

Unfortunately, the cumulative revenue from January to March was not so good, for combined revenue was only 3.8 million, down 39.5% year-on-year.

Samsung just released guidance for its Q1 2019 earnings report, and estimates an operating profit of 6.2 trillion won (about .5 billion), which is less than half of the .4 billion profit it recorded in the same period last year.

Samsung had issued an unprecedented warning for investors of bad news on the way, citing declines in prices for memory chips, and lower demand for screens like the OLED display it makes for Apple's i Phone.

We'll have to wait a few more weeks for a detailed breakdown and final numbers, but in its last earnings report Samsung noted how it hoped the Galaxy S10 series would help turn things around.

The prediction for overall revenue dropped by only fourteen percent, to 52 trillion won.

Now the company hopes investments in data centers will drive more demand for memory, and that the high-priced Galaxy Fold can drive profits by enticing competitors to use its flexible display tech for their own devices.

It’s expected that this bad situation will exit until Q3 this year.

That is to say, memory prices will continue to fall in the next six months!

Such relatively low-end positioning is related to limited technical level of Nanya.

The three major manufacturers achieved mass production of 20nm DRAM chips in 2017, and have turned to 1X or even 1Ynm technology at present, but Nanya, whose 20nm chips accounts for a small part, mainly depends on 30nm memory.

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Samsung details that its e MRAM is 1,000 times faster than its e Flash memory, and it does not require an erase cycle before writing data (unlike Flash memory).

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