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Another benefit is that security updates are not just installed but also active immediately.While the live patching has its own risks, at least the known vulnerabilities can be mitigated.Download the Linux kernel version from the above link.As of writing this guide, the latest available version was 5.0-rc1 and latest stable version was v4.20.

Among the 7 methods, five methods requires system reboot to apply the new Kernel and two methods don’t.To update the whole system including the Kernel, just do: Pros: Simple. Method 1 and 2 requires user intervention to update Linux Kernels. More details about UKTools can be found in the link given below. As I already said, all of above methods need you to reboot the server before the new kernel is active.The following methods (3, 4 & 5) are mostly automated. If they are personal systems or testing machines, you could simply reboot and start using the new Kernel. The livepatching (or hot patching) allows you to install Linux updates or patches without rebooting, keeping your server at the latest security level, without any downtime.It will install kernel security patches only when you run the command “apt-get upgrade”, hence is semi-automatic. If you have more than three, you need to upgrade to enterprise support solution named Ubuntu Advantage suite. Get a key at https://auth.livepatch.canonical.com/. Kernel Care is the newest of all the live patching solutions. Kernel Care runs on Ubuntu and other flavors of Linux. This suite includes Kernel Livepatching and other services such as, Cost Ubuntu Advantage includes three paid plans namely, Essential, Standard and Advanced. It checks for patch releases every 4 hours and will install them without confirmation. Cost Fees, per server: 4 USD per month, 45 USD per year.

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