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Then, press the buttons on either side of the plug connected to your i Pod and pull your i Pod out. put the songs you want on your ipod than disconnect is. but be carefull if you decide to reconnect your ipod to your computer if it does not have itune the ipod could wipe everything and start again. install itunes (free download @ apple.com) open itunes from desktop and find a song you want then click "get" or "buy" you will have to type your email and apple password in the box that comes up.

Do not disconnect it until you have clicked eject on your computer, or it could have a problem with it.Are you trying to eject your i Pod from your computer but the "Do Not Disconnect" screen won't go away?Sometimes that flashing red icon can be pretty annoying - especially when you are in a hurry.However, if it is not hooked up to your computer, there may be something seriously wrong with it. "Xtreme500's i Pod" there should be a symbol that looks like a triangle above a straight line.If it is connected, disconnect it Switch it off, and then on again Hold down the select button (the centre botton) while also pressing the top of the wheel (the Menu part). Click the symbol and wait till on your i Pod screen, a bar appears and it says OK to Disconnect.

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Incorrectly disconnecting an i Pod while it is in use can damage data on the i Pod and/or the computer's hard disk.

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