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The 256 bit length of the hash ensures that the chance on hash collisions is minimal.256 bit map to 32 Unicode characters in SQL Server, or 64 non-Unicode characters.A pop-up will ask you which type of script you want: a source, a transformation or a destination. There is not much difference between the two, expect the implementation behind the scenes.The Crypto Service Provider class might be preferred above the managed class for regulatory reasons.There is no debate duplicate data is unwanted data.But, issues behind duplicate data detection persist, such as sound-alike matches, misspellings, abbreviations, nicknames and other variants of fuzzy matching records. When you want to load data into your data warehouse, for example into one of your dimensions, you need to determine if an incoming row is either an update - a historical change - or an insert, which is a new occurrence of a record.

If you select only the columns you actually need, chances are good that you can fit everything in memory with the full cache option, even for very large reference sets.Make sure to configure the Lookup to redirect non-matching rows to the no match output.UPDATE dest SET [Title] = upd.[Title] ,[First Name] = upd.[First Name] ,[Middle Name] = upd.[Middle Name] ,[Last Name] = upd.[Last Name] ,[Birth Date] = upd.[Birth Date] ,[Marital Status] = upd.[Marital Status] ,[Suffix] = upd.[Suffix] ,[Gender] = upd.[Gender] ,[Email Address] = upd.[Email Address] ,[Yearly Income] = upd.[Yearly Income] ,[Total Children] = upd.[Total Children] ,[Number Children At Home] = upd.[Number Children At Home] ,[English Education] = upd.[English Education] ,[English Occupation] = upd.[English Occupation] ,[House Owner Flag] = upd.[House Owner Flag] ,[Number Cars Owned] = upd.[Number Cars Owned] ,[DWH_Hash] = upd.[Hash] FROM [dbo].[My Destination] dest JOIN [dbo].[UPD_My Destination] upd ON dest. SK_Customers; The final task will drop the staging table, which is optional of course.The Lookup matches the source rows with the destination rows using the business key.If a match is found - an update - the surrogate key and the hash are retrieved.

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Let's keep it simple and use the Adventure Works DW2012 database as the source for our data, which you can download here.

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