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It's the only good comic that's been continuously updated since 2002. We redesigned Toothpaste For Dinner in August 2016 to optimize it for mobile users, thanks to contributions from our Patreon supporters.

Michael de Adder was born, raised, and educated in New Brunswick province and was a regular presence in its newspapers. Cartoonist Michael de Adder was let go from his job drawing editorial cartoons for all the major New Brunswick newspapers 24 hours after his Donald Trump cartoon went viral on social media, a job he held for 17 years. Irving owned New Brunswick newspape It’s simple really, J. Irving, Limited is not only a privately owned conglomerate headquartered in New Brunswick, its also an international behemoth with global reach.

Brunswick News Inc., which owns the Saint John Telegraph-Journal, the Moncton Times & Transcript, and the What’s crazier, a cartoonist getting fired from a newspaper for a cartoon he didn’t draw [@chappatte] or a cartoonist being fired from a newspaper for a cartoon they didn’t run? Although he has stated there was no reason given for his firing, the timing was no coincidence. Trade has been an issue since Trump took office, trade that affects the Irvings directly, not to mention a host of other issues.

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