Unhealthy dating

The victim may feel like he or she can’t talk to other people, especially about what’s really happening in the relationship.Today, a more common form of abuse is digital dating abuse, which is perpetuated through the use of technology, including excessive texting, harassment via social media and pressure to send and receive unwanted sexual photos and messages.Understanding behaviors can help your teen understand if they are in a potentially dangerous relationship.UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS Understanding these behaviors can help you figure out if you’re in an unhealthy or dangerous relationship.Examples can be getting upset when you text or hang out with people your partner feels threatened by, accusing you of flirting or cheating, being possessive over you or even going so far as to stalk you.

In some cases, these unhealthy behaviors can escalate to violence.

In abusive relationships, one person is making all decisions – this includes friend groups, sexual choices and boundaries.

The abuser’s goal is to have all the power and control.

Examples can be making you miss work, school or practice, keeping you from getting school work done, talking about you behind your back or starting rumors, and threatening to share private information about you. Examples can be calling you names, making rude remarks about who you hang out with, your family or what you look like, and making fun of you – even if it’s played off as just a joke.

GUILTING Making you feel guilty or responsible for your partner’s actions.

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