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2013), Kt M Kitakami Mountains, Ab M Abukuma Mountains, As M Asahi Mountains, Id M Iide Mountains, EUR Eurasian plate, PAC Pacific plate, PHS Philippine Sea plate, NAM North American plate The NE and the SW Japan Arcs were formed as a result of opening of the Sea of Japan at 25–15 Ma, although they had originally been parts of the East Asian continental margin (e.g., Otofuji et al. A few studies have been conducted to reveal the uplift and denudation histories of the mountains in the NE Japan Arc, but the available literatures are still somewhat limited.

Clear, non-fractured euhedral grains with average grain radii in a close size range were hand-picked under an Olympus SZX12 binocular microscope, then immersed in ethanol and checked under polarized light to detect and exclude grains with possible inclusions.3), suggesting a simple and relatively rapid cooling history around the closure temperature of the AHe system.Although samples A02-ST03, 04, 06, 09, 12, 13, and 15 contain one or two grains with ages dispersed from the other grains, at least, radiation damage cannot explain the age dispersion sufficiently; because closure temperature of the AHe system increases with effective uranium (e U) (Flowers et al.2009), e U and grain age should have a positive correlation if the dispersion is derived from radiation damage (cf Fig. Within samples, we adopted grain ages that overlapped with the other grain ages within ±3σ to calculate the weighted mean age of each sample (Table 3; Fig. For A02-ST03, grain ages present a cluster ranging 80–50 Ma, except for one grain yielding an age of ~225 Ma.However, all of the grain ages belonging to the cluster do not overlap within ±3σ.

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The cross-sections were drawn along the blue lines in (a). During the opening of the Sea of Japan, normal faulting due to back-arc rifting was prevalent (e.g., Sato 1994).

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