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In 2014, he raised 5,704 in a similar event, and in 2015 he raised 2,224.

Many fans believe Troye Sivan and Connor Franta are dating, despite a lack of more substantial evidence.

Fans were, however, pretty much convinced that they were dating. Well, that is all in past as both of them have moved on with their life.neither tyler or troye has come forward to say what happened between them or why tyler has just unfollowed him now but the fandom is currently waiting to see what happens next.will troye return the favor or be less petty than tyler?? if you have lived under a rock for the past two years then i am here to tell you that troyler (troye sivan and tyler oakley) is an amazing youtube ship.it's prime time was in 2014 when they were constantly hanging out and the digifest kiss (rip me) well they started to grow distance and especially as troye's music career took off they stopped talking.

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