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The physical environment was considerably different to his usual and Tucker found acclimatisation difficult.During his stay on their ship he developed a relationship with Ah'len, an engineer. He served for ten years as chief engineer and Second officer of Earth's first warp 5-capable starship, Enterprise NX-01, under the command of his best friend, Captain Jonathan Archer. Hell of a ride." Commander Charles Tucker III, known affectionately as "Trip", was a 22nd century Starfleet officer.He later compared the size of his first car to that of a Retellian escape pod.(") Trip was self-taught, having learned engineering from working on boat engines.Velik often reminded his students, "Challenge your preconceptions or they'll challenge you." Tucker went on to associate this advice with his memory of Velik.(") During the late 2130s, Tucker used to drive his car out to Chatkin Point, park along the shoreline, and stare at the moon with his girlfriend.

He subsequently recalled that he "got into a lot of trouble" at Starfleet Training Command.

Twenty years later, he still regretted not asking the girl to dance.

( In Tucker's tenth grade biology class, a Vulcan scientist who the children referred to as "Mr.

He was held hostage along with the others until they were rescued by Lieutenant Malcolm Reed.

It was discovered that the monastery was a front for a listening post operated by the Vulcans.

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Growing up, he always wanted to be a starship captain, but his father thought he should be an engineer while his mother thought he should be an architect.

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