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She also knows exactly the type of person who will be interested in meeting others on Old Style Dating.Successful users have good manners, a healthy level of respect for others and their boundaries, and seek a long-term partner for a stable relationship.She’s incorporating some of that feedback into the site’s new redesign, which she said will cater to more user interests.Beyond a platform redesign, Dennie simply wants to make users happy.Users from their 20s to their 60s have written testimonials for Old Style Dating. “I do find this site superior to those others out there. Another reason users appreciate Old Style Dating is because it doesn’t use any flashy tricks to lure users. The membership model is more straightforward than that of other platforms, as well.For example, the platform doesn’t use a computer algorithm to suggests matches; instead, users can start chatting with any member who catches their eye. Some dating websites have complicated systems that force users to pay to talk to other members.While that may sound like a standard list of traits, Old Style Dating users recognize that those characteristics are exceedingly rare in online romance.

They are men who want to be chivalrous — think opening doors for women and pulling out their chairs — and the women who appreciate those gestures.

However, the platform isn’t designed for people who want to pretend they don’t live in the 21st century.

Instead, Old Style Dating fosters modern connections between people who enjoy being treated courteously — in life and in dating.

She said that personalized customer service is one of the reasons users trust and appreciate Old Style Dating.

Dennie demonstrates how committed she is to helping her users find love.

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