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In general, speed ratings of V or above mean that the tire has extra cap plies or even multiple steel belts to provide extra stability at very high speeds. If you're looking for a tire to run on the Autobahn in your M3, you probably want something in the ZR range.Likewise, if you're looking to put inexpensive shoes on a minivan, you probably don't need V-rated tires, even if they were the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) choice.That's ultimately a choice for you, not the tire seller.A caveat: The speed ratings are based on lab conditions and don't take into consideration an extra-heavy load in the vehicle or the heat and condition of the pavement.This is something that you as a consumer should be aware of.

Fear not, mighty consumer, for the information here will edify you.

This is less about selling more expensive tires, although that ends up being the functional consequence, and more about fears of liability.

The “official line” that tire sellers generally get is, “Don't ever put on a lower speed rating than what was already on the car.” This, although good advice in general, has to be balanced against the car manufacturers' predilection for putting increasingly over-rated tires onto new cars.

12.5 inch tires, "yida" seems to be the brand name.

My earlier research suggests that some bike tires have date codes, in the form of circles with an x in it, with either dots and or arrows. Does anybody know of a good site that has bicycle tire code dates?

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