Tips for going from friends to dating

Realize that what you wear will communicate certain things to your date.If you go for the cleavage top, he might assume he can get lucky tonight.My first date advice is to research within set parameters that you obviously have access to.If you met on a dating app, feel free to review what he’s written on his profile to spark conversation.These women machine-gun questions at the poor guys until they’re just about dead. Sure, ask a few questions, but let him ask them too. In fact, you might get to know him better by keeping the conversation light and easy.Rather than only asking questions that help you understand if this guy is long-term material (because trust me: even if he answers the way you want, you can in no way know that you’re compatible like that on a first date), throw in some zany questions to warm him up: I understand that you might be nervous on a first date, and so might have trouble loosening up and being yourself.If you’ve been in a relationship with the same man for 30 years, you probably need some practice flirting and talking to men in general.

Smiling communicates that you’re happy, and if he senses that, he’ll be more eager to keep making you smile.

What you don’t want to do is come off crazy on a first date (save that for later!

) by mentioning something on his Linked In or Facebook page when he didn’t share it with you. If he gets salad dressing on his chin, ask if he wants a little lettuce to go with it.

I’ll get into specifics in just a minute, with some valuable first date tips for women like you, but first, let me just say that the best thing you can do on a first date is just to be your absolute best self. Trying to be someone else will only cause trouble down the road. Questions are a good thing on first dates: researchers at Harvard University found, in a study, that women who asked on average 15 questions on a first date were more likely to get a second date.

If he thinks you’re giggly and bubbly (and he’s into that), he’s going to feel tricked when you later reveal that you’re actually super intelligent and not an airhead at all. Let’s move on to some first date advice that I’ve seen work countless times. It’s important to be playful and just have fun with a date. Realize that you don’t have to get all your serious questions answered on the first date to get to know this guy.

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