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In doing so, he's reaching many more social media fans and giving them very valuable information, while at the same time getting wider exposure for his conference.

According to Pulver, there were 1000 people attended in person, but the live broadcast on Ustream added a worldwide audience of 77,728 unique viewers / 128,664 total viewers, and on Twitter, they were also one of the top 10 trending topics of the week.

If we don't see results right away, then why bother?

But actually, when you give, that's when the magical part kicks in.

Mostly speed dating venue you are first given a name sticker that you place on your shirt or oit would be something similar to that.

Usually after that the event speed-dating event will sit everyone down and explain to them how things are going to work and how to participate.

And the media mogul did the same - everyone in the audience received a free bottle of her latest perfume, Dare Me, which I actually kind of like (it smells a little like Angel by Thierry Mugler).

Last week was the 140 Characters Conference on Twitter which I wasn't able to attend, however I did catch big chunks of it live on

In keeping with Twitter's concept of brevity, the 2-day event played host to an ongoing string of Twitterers, some more well-known than others, who had up to ten minutes to tell their story (see schedule here).

In order to find who you want to spend the rest of your life with you have to go out there and meet some new people.

Sure they'll be some dead-beats out there that you'll never have anything to do with but occasionally you'll find someone that could be your soul mate, and that's what makes it worth it.

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