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‘Untouched’ by The Veronicas is one of those tracks that simultaneously bops, slaps and bangs.

Don’t even try to tell me blasting ‘Untouched’ through your first-gen i Pod Touch on the bus to school didn’t change you as a person.

To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.This poses the question: can a piece of art so brilliant spread its genius to something that’s a total garbage fire – like say, my dating life? There’s no real way to jump in subtly and pretend it’s just a regular Tinder convo unless you’re a stage-five clinger, or just INCREDIBLY thirsty.This person (understandably) unmatched me shortly after I took the screenshot and before I had time to reply. They say long distance can work when you’ve found The One – and I thought this may have been the real deal. Uh, sorry sweaty but you’re not the one talking to strangers on the internet for money – hope you’re proud, Dad!The sisters are seen in some stunning visuals throughout the video.“This song, being one of the first ones written, was written off the back of me going through a particularly tough time of a break-up,” Jess Origliasso said about the inspiration for the song.

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