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I found locations and did production work for zero dollars, all so that I could occasionally sneak into the Writers’ Room and try to not masturbate in front of all the white boards full of jokes.

was always a big comedic influence on me; in college I would occasionally print out articles from the paper to read aloud during improv rehearsal, just like that guy you hate.

You Meet The Most Interesting People Kicking Open Random Bathroom Stalls (link)67. Friend Who Sent Link To 8-Minute You Tube Video Must Be Fucking Delusional (link)63. NASA Completes 52-Year Mission To Find, Kill God (link)50. Tony Womo Out Three To Four Weeks With Bwoken Widdle Fingey (link)47. Thousands Turn Out For Empire State Building’s Annual No-Hassle Suicide Day (link)45.

6-Year-Old Cries When Told MTM Productions Kitten Dead By Now (link)49. I Can Instantly Tell Whether Someone Is African-American With My Amazing ‘Blackdar’ (link)44.

President Personally Performs First Obamacare Euthanization (link)40. 42 Million Dead In Bloodiest Black Friday Weekend On Record (link)36. Typo In Proposition 8 Defines Marriage As Between ‘One Man And One Wolfman’ (link)34.

Quiet Loner Really Comes Out Of Shell At Gun Store (link)29.

Family Watching Movie White-Knuckles It Through Unexpected Sex Scene (link)28.

New Study Finds 85% Of Americans Don’t Know All The Dance Moves To National Anthem (link)39. Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria (link)33.

Breakfast In Bed Served To Mom Who Just Got Eaten Out (link)32. Attempt To Delay Ejaculation By Thinking About Baseball Ruined By Crush On Johnny Damon (link)30.

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Augusta National Honors Tiger Woods With Own Drinking Fountain (link)11. Buddy System Responsible For Additional Death (link)8.

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