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Like most dating apps, HER operates with a freemium model, offering premium features to subscribers who pay USD/month.The company also makes money off of its events business, which operates in fifteen cities across the U. HER has 4.5 million registered users, and has raised .5 million in funding.A security lapse at JCrush, a dating app designed for the Jewish community, left a databases open without a password, exposing sensitive user records and private messages to anyone who knew where to look.The site’s backend database had around around 200,000 user records, according to security researchers Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, who shared their findings exclusively with Tech Crunch and wrote up their findings at vpn Mentor.Few social apps have invested any time in trying to truly understand and support the expression of queer identity – a limited number of sexualities and genders just doesn’t cut it.

It’s the latest in a series of data exposure at dating apps, or companies that tout anonymity and privacy.

To express all of our identity, all the tiny, intersecting facets of what makes us, us.

HER launched four years ago, rebranded from Daatch, with the intent to give queer women a space to safely and freely express themselves and meet each other.

And for examples on that front you only need recall the kind of content that veteran Internet service Chatroulette was famed for serving straight up — if you were brave enough to play.

(“I pressed ‘play’ last night at around am PST and after about 45 clicks on ‘Next’ encountered 5 straight up penis shots,” began Tech Crunch’s former co-editor Alexia Tsotsis’ 2010 account of testing the service — which deploys live video chat without any kind of contextual wrapper, dating or otherwise.

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