Tabling and dating

You could do a mini photo-booth with a sign or cardboard photo “frame” and a hashtag.

You could ask them to decorate a sign or banner that you’ll display somewhere.

Handmade signs drawn on flattened cardboard boxes or poster board work just fine.

What you don’t want is to have someone have to come really close to be able to tell what you’re tabling about.

You could just put some stuff on a table and call it a day!

But I bet we could take your activist tabling game to the next level.

As someone who’s generally outgoing with really subtle social anxieties, even I am unlikely to approach a table unless I know what I’m in for.

Yes, tabling — putting some stuff on a table, like voting information or candidate brochures, and talking to people as they stop by about your cause, campaign, candidate or issue to help them learn more about it and hopefully get involved.The strategic point of tabling is typically to distribute info or get info from a crowd. The more people that stop by your table, the more you’ll be able to reach your goals whether your goal is about outreach or engagement or both. On this note, don’t assign just any volunteer to the table, if you have a choice about it.Pick a volunteer who is genuinely passionate about your cause and has an outgoing personality, or who has experience tabling and engaging folks from working with you previously.In 2018, you could have people take their own protest pics with a small whiteboard or chalkboard and then tweet directly at elected officials. A person casually strolling past your table should be able to see right away what your organization and/or cause is.You don’t need professionally printed signage, just LARGE PRINT signage.

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