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These new subscription services, including the New York-based Feather and Los Angeles-based Fernish, differ from established furniture-rental companies.

As their eco-evocative names suggest, the new companies present renting as an environmental virtue — instead of buying cheap, disposable furniture that ends up in landfills, you can rent better-quality pieces that others use when you’re done with them.

Feather, which started two years ago with venture capital backing, approaches its business from a sustainability point of view.

If Feather’s young customers haven’t yet pinned down their taste in home furnishings, they can take the Style Quiz on the company’s website and allow its algorithms to make suggestions.“People tend to like Scandinavian/midcentury/Japanese,” Mr. “What they really like is simplicity.”That works for the company because pared-down pieces are easier to clean than fussy ones.At the end of a rental term, a customer can buy the pieces — with the monthly payments going toward the retail cost — or extend the subscription, perhaps swapping in other items.Or the goods can be picked up (for a fee of 9), taken to Feather’s Brooklyn warehouse (or, in the San Francisco area, one in South San Francisco) and spruced up for the next customer. Upholstered items — many of them covered in durable contract-grade fabrics — are steam-cleaned.Carlos Ferro, Carmen Padin, Nils Høgevold, Göran Svensson, Juan Carlos Sosa Varela The purpose of this paper is to validate or refute the previous empirical findings of a TBL dominant logic for business sustainability and to expand the TBL dominant logic…Ilgım Dara Benoit, Thomas Brashear Alejandro, Jeffrey Foreman, Christian Chelariu, Shawn Bergman This paper aims to examine the role of social norms of justice and relationalism in salesperson–sales manager relationships, and their role in developing salesforce…

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