Sorta single and dating

So, folks, keep your collective and individual chins up. I want him to always wonder if I got the e-mail and just didn’t respond, or if I never got it at all.

The first date may be a disaster, but believe me, there are a HELL OF A LOT of losers out there for you to date! You liked the OTHER lady you were conversing with online BETTER.

Conveniently, the unmarried man has to live some place; and often, his own home will provide a safe and opportune location for the affair.

The unmarried lover of a married woman is in a relatively powerful position in that his relationship is not balanced by a relationship with a wife.

The situation is balanced and relatively uncomplicated.

We’re asking one another questions such as marriage history, children, etc. And then I ask (‘cuz I’m kind of a gearhead) what kind of car do you have? I’m thinking Jaguar, BMW (not my favorite machines, but society views those cars as symbols of success). And the tone in his voice was as if he was telling me he owned a Rolls Royce. But, I started to laugh-I had just traded IN my 1997 Toyota Camry to get my new 2003 cross-over. But eventually, the bell rang, and the hostess (thankfully! End result, I got matched with three of the men, went out for one date with two, the third never responded.And then I ask: So, listen, here’s a different kind of question for ya-do you have any bumper stickers? The best part of that whole evening was that while I was waiting for the event to begin, I started mingling with the other women, and I met two ladies that I STILL hang out with.All three of us are still single-I’m the only one dating anyone “exclusively.” More on that on a different day. You are so NOT allowed to come and go as you please. I thought of responding with a big Go F*** yourself, but that would have given him the satisfaction of getting a response.Here’s how it works at the events I’ve been to: You’re given a name tag and a number when you arrive.I was given Suzy, #1, which was convenient, ‘cuz that’s my name.

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