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Guardian’s Marc Costantini discusses the measures companies can take to ensure their leave management practices stay compliant with the FMLA and other applicable regulations.

The topic of paid family leave has never been more relevant than it is today.

Lynne Bernabei, of Bernabei & Wachtel PLLC, who litigates on the plaintiffs' side, explained how use of personal social media accounts could figure into situations of workplace harassment.

Even if employees post harassing or derogatory information about coworkers away from the workplace, for example, an employer may be liable for a hostile work environment if it was aware of the postings, or if the harassing employee was using employer-owned devices or accounts.

The EEOC has addressed some of the issues surrounding the use of social media, Acting Associate Legal Counsel Carol Miaskoff testified. Accordingly, commenters should not include any information in submitted comments that they would not want made public, e.g., home address, telephone number, etc.

In terms of comparison, it can be likened to a combination of the Chinese Facebook, Whatsapp, Google News, Tinder, and Pinterest combined.

It also contains ten million third-party apps called We Chat mini-programs. Personal accounts are used by individuals, while businesses can create We Chat official accounts to stay in contact with their customers and post promotional information.

The use of sites such as Linked In and Facebook can provide a valuable tool for identifying good candidates by searching for specific qualifications, panelists told the Commission.

But the improper use of information obtained from such sites may be discriminatory since most individuals' race, gender, general age and possibly ethnicity can be discerned from information on these sites.

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