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I think you might be suffering the effects of the scraper upgrade six weeks ago. Can you try that on a couple of shows and let us know the outcome. So what do I have to do to get scraping to work using local files? Why don't I have the right scraper installed if I got Kodi 17.3 from your download page? If your files are missing data, or not compatible with the Kodi, Kodi will attempt to pick up the missing meta-data from the web as per scraper instructions.I noticed another thread with scraping issues but wasn't sure if it was the same problem that I am having. dl=0 Note in your post you mention "This is a Windows 7 machine, Kodi 17.3" which didn't seem to have this issue, so this might not be the same as what is presently being discussed. Due to the required changes, previous scrapes were not compatible with new scrapes. The following are the versions you should have for the scrapers you have installed...Attached is a link to my kodi log.file, with logging turned on. I do note your log protests .444 T:3648 ERROR: CScraper Parser:arse: Could not find scraper function Get Episode List .444 T:3648 ERROR: ADDON:: CScraper:: Run: Unable to parse web site .459 T:3648 WARNING: No information found for item 'smb://SERVER/TV Shows/A Pup Named Scooby-Doo/', it won't be added to the library. I am surprised that there isn't more folks that seem to have this issue. TMDB 3.9.5 TMDB tvshows 1.3.6 TMDB common library 2.16.0 (found in settings As I have said, I use local nfo files for scraping.Potter," says sharpclaw", since yours is an unusual case I will have to report to director Ragnok", says sharpclaw and walks away from the room. According to Gringotts laws, if you activate more than two of these vaults then I will be your account manager as there will be a conflict of interest between clans if there are multiple account managers, and there is also your mother's personal vault so what is your current business with Gringotts?After that, he comes back and escorts me Ragnoks office and sees him read the inheritance test paper. "After that Harry started telling what all happened at his aunt's house how he was treated and abused and he told that he somehow had memories of someone else's of the magical world and thus knew about Gringotts and his suspicion that someone was manipulating because even though he reported to teachers about his treatment at home they would get furious and the next day they would forget everything.

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It affects scrapes when you are adding new episodes to an existing tv show in your library. If this is the case, you need to remove the tv show from your library. As @Karellen pointed out API's at TVDB and TMDB required changes, your install might have fallen through the cracks, ensure your library versions are up-to-date, failing that refer to this thread 320682 I agree with @Pat K. Maybe you could set up a Portable Install of the latest version, move the above show to a new Source, and add that new Source to the Portable Install of Kodi.

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