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As one might guess Shaquille’s sons have been of interest to many wondering if they inherited their father’s skills on the court and as luck would have it, one of Shaquille O’Neal’s sons has some mad skills on the court through his style of play differs greatly from his father’s.

Shareef O’Neal is 7 ft tall at the age of sixteen and still growing, he has already received offers from UCLA and other prestigious schools who hope to attract him to their basketball teams.

He owns 17 of the stands across the US, which earns him some good returns.

What makes him famous is his 19 years of dedication in his basketball career.

He holds more than 10% of this company’s franchises.

This is another food franchise that Shaquille has put some money on, quite heavily.

Shaquille has made it clear to his son that he does not have to play basketball as a career and even took away his new Lamborghini until he improved his grades in school.

Shaquille’s other son is called Shaqir and he is only 12 years old.

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His stepfather largely contributed to Shaquille Oneal net worth and his career success.

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