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On one hand, engaging in phone sex could be placed in the same category as watching pornography, which is allowed in most relationships.However, phone sex does have an added layer of intimacy.In some relationships, emotional cheating carries more weight and is seen as a bigger betrayal as opposed to a simple one-night stand.When partaking in phone sex, you have the ability to let out all of your sexual tensions without having any emotional baggage attached.Phone sex is an amazing outlet to fulfil your sexual desires.You’re able to connect with virtual strangers and have dirty conversations with them.If you have a progressive mate, they may be completely open to the idea.Or, maybe they’re fine with you experimenting but aren’t interested in partaking themselves, which is totally fine also.

If used appropriately, it actually has the potential to enhance your relationship.However, it’s important to acknowledge if there’s a more sinister or personal motivation behind your journey to phone sex.While it’s true, you are speaking with someone anonymously, it is still possible for feelings to grow.The answer to this question is subjective, of course.It depends on your partner and what they define as cheating.

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If your partner is someone important to you, and someone you want to remain in your life, you need to be sure they’re aware of your intentions. Especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship and your mate isn’t always readily available.

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