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Lighting is everything, it’s what makes or breaks a bedroom. The real score on perfect bedroom lighting] #5 Put up sensual artwork.If you have fluorescent lights, vow to never turn those horrid things on, and buy a standing lamp instead. If it’s too dark, there’s not enough visual stimulation. Now, you don’t need a bunch of nude photos in order to make a room feel sexy.It kills the sexual vibe that you’re trying to create in your bedroom. Spend a couple extra dollars and do yourself a favor by getting a supportive and comfortable bed. [Read: 14 sexy secrets to be incredibly good in bed every time] #11 Keep your toys close by.I mean, you’ll be the one sleeping in it the most, so it’s really in your best interest. If you have a collection of sex toys, keep them close to your bed.[Read: How to spice up your sex life in 30 sexy ways] #8 Get some candles going. But, any dirty clothes that are on the floor, just put them in the laundry room. Have a drawer or a box where they stashed, you don’t need them lying around out in the open.Whether you’re a man or a woman, people like candles. It gives a greasy and dirty vibe – which isn’t the goal. If you were an all-star football player in high school, that’s great.You’ll want to put on some music while you’re having sex.Music acts as an aid in determining the sexual energy that’s going to occur.

One thing, though, don’t get scented candles unless you know what you’re doing. Have you ever looked at yourself having sex in a mirror? There’s something about it that just amps up the sexual energy. You want to take the next step into your life and go with a more adult look. Also, those pillows will come in handy when you cuddle afterwards.

How to get a sexy bedroom The magic does happen in the bedroom.

I mean, it can happen on top of your laundry machine as well, but the bedroom is basically your sex base. White will have you anxious the whole time, making sure you won’t stain the sheets. [Read: Top 50 ideas for a sexy relationship] #2 Get into texture. The bedroom is a place for two things: having sex and sleeping.

If art isn’t your thing, even hanging a picture of a landscape is better than nothing. Having a giant desk in your bedroom with a bunch of wires and papers laid out everywhere isn’t going to give you a sexy bedroom.

In fact, it gives more of an office vibe, and that fantasy only works if you’re actually having sex in an office. Your partner should wake up in your bed feeling like a million dollars, not like they’ve been hit by a bus.

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