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Mrs Watson went to the police and recounted the story. These were not times for the shy or self-conscious. She was happy just looking after the kids and getting on with their lives. The sober minded, Doric-speaking villagers dubbed the Garvies' home Kinky Cottage. The big scandal in Aberdeen only a few years before was the trial of young Henry Burnett.

On the night, Sheila went to bed with Max and had sex with him.

In the early hours she slipped out of bed and let Tevendale and Alan Peters into the house, handing them a .22 rifle belonging to Max.

Trudi's husband even joined in though Max thoughtfully arranged another female partner for him. It was fair birling in the Mearns - at least at Kinky Cottage.

Max had a low boredom threshold and soon tired of Trudi Birse.

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Then Max started an affair with Tevendale's sister, Trudi Birse.

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