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Not one of those hard-to-reach islands that eat up half a day in ferry line waits, Everett’s offshore isle is a free 10-minute boat ride away, and the man-made island is little more than two miles of beach.

Even the bathrooms are offshore, floating in Possession Sound.

The beach at Westhaven State Park, a crescent shape facing the entrance to Grays Harbor, attracts surfers and serves as a viewpoint to watch cargo ships inch their way into the state’s only port on the Pacific.

The beach at Half Moon Bay was formed by the construction of a jetty in the early 1900s that caused the shore to erode away into a crescent.

Though best known for its modest oceanfront hotels, beach horseback tours, and a giant casino, the sand-blown town just north of Hoquiam has the state’s best beach kitsch at Sharky’s, a T-shirt and saltwater taffy emporium entered via the mouth of a great white shark.

The shipbuilding town of Westport hums with working-class grit, and cottages circle the busy marina.

Still, Maple Beach on the east side lets you country hop with impunity past a plaque that denotes the national border. Lighthouse Society is headquartered in the 1879 light station, the oldest ship saver on the sound, and vacationers can rent half of the lighthouse keeper’s quarters.

The Kitsap Peninsula’s lighthouse corner is known to history as the place where several tribes signed their land away in a treaty, but that’s not how it gets the name; it’s just not a very sharp point. The sand stretches on Port Townsend’s historic military fort form a sharp angle at a lighthouse, but the concrete batteries—the fortifications built to protect the Victorian city and the rest of Puget Sound in the early twentieth century—are the real adult playground.

Strict adherence to a nineteenth-century treaty gave the tip of this Canadian peninsula to the U. (these five square miles are south of the 49th parallel), and its four beaches, mostly rocky, are less popular with visitors than the cheap gas and American mailing addresses.

Pretty much everyone cruises slowly down Alki Avenue past the beach, showing off a cool ride—or just looking for parking.

There’s a rumor going around that Alki is a fake beach, that the sand was trucked in instead of washed ashore the natural way.

The beach is nicknamed Dykiki for its popularity among the city’s lesbian scene, but this tiny piece of Lake Washington waterfront, along with Howell Park just to the south, usually hosts more men than women.

And by more, we mean more—both are unofficial nude hangouts, thoughtfully tucked between waterfront mansions.

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The beach is all about boats on Camano Island, where the parking lot to its most popular sound-front space is uphill and out of sight.

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