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With the invention of telecommunications like email and Skype, there is no longer the same need for letter-writing.

If you’re wonderfully sweet or nostalgic, you may send one with your care packages, but otherwise they’re pretty much extinct.

Unfortunately, this can make it hard to have a career of your own, or a solid support system.

As the Marines say, you must be able to “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”.

Today, you’ll notice the language and culture around the term “military wives” changing.

More than ever they are referred to as “military spouses” to include all the men who sacrifice to support their service members. The women’s workforce got its start during WWII, when women replaced the drafted men in industrial jobs.

Military love letters might be cute to read, but the same yearning scrawl that traveled the Atlantic a million times in the 1940s, is not seen in today’s mail.Especially in World War II, when almost half a million soldiers died.This left half a million mothers and fathers without sons, and hundreds of thousands of military spouses without husbands.For reference, the military’s divorce rate was around 3.1 percent in 2017; similar to the national crude divorce rate, which hovers around 3.2 percent.In times of war, it’s not uncommon to be a widower.

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