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Professional Philosophy: I believe that sexuality is an essential part of our humanity and sexual wellness is crucial for overall well-being and a sense of vitality.

When sexuality is not integrated into the whole being, a silent suffering often occurs, manifesting in conflicting feelings and emotions.

Professional Philosophy: Julia is dedicated to creating safe space for people to explore and grow.

She […]T M CURLE: Certified Sex Coach and Toy Expert • Sex Coach • Sex Expert • Toys & Sex Accesories Biography, Degrees and Certifications: Born and raised in Aotearoa (New Zealand), Teddy obtained a Bachelor of Media Arts in 2013, with a focus in painting and sculpture.

I believe these populations are misunderstood in regards to their sexuality needs and wants. I’m sure you have noticed, your sex life, solo and/or partnered, is either supporting or denigrating your health and relationships, and even wealth and career.

I experienced far too much personal drama, trauma, and preventable suffering due to a lack of accurate and positive sex and relationship educations.

Es madre de dos hijos, escritora, y educadora con mucha pasión por el aprendizaje. Ha trabajado como promotora de salud, y también desarrollando y realizando programas y talleres en el ámbito sexual.

I believe passion to work with and help people comes from within that can’t be taught.

She has spoken at local, state, and national conferences.

In addition, she had segments on NPR and reoccurring shows on Meeting in the Ladies Room Radio in Louisville, KY (106.5 FM).

Much like her idol Betty Dodson, Teddy was drawn to the theme of bodies, genitals and pleasure in her art.

When she started working in adult retail in 2015 this turned out to be more than a passing interest; it was the overall theme of her career.

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I have completed my Core Course 3 in my Somatic Sex Educator program. This training is through the Somatic Sex Educators Association in Canada.

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